2017 news

Hello to all, welcome to my website.

As my family changes and grows, and so do I, I find myself propelled forwards into what feels right to me now: I have joined a design collective, SOL, so that I can develop my work, with the support and guidance of others.I have refined my products to include a mixture of the hand printed & painted, (and the soon-to-be digitally printed), & aiming at reaching a wider audience, with the assistance of social media:

Facebook- Hilary Collins textiles
Instagram- hilarycollins.textiles.

Website update to follow also, with new photos.

Fundamentally, I am going bigger, and committing to getting what I feel is my ‘life purpose’ out there, moving more into the area of yoga, meditation and spiritual development, with my textiles.

At the present time, I’m in the process of reevaluating teaching the textile workshops I’ve been holding, I will post info here about it, though please feel free to contact me if you’re interested.

I’m now using the Mandala very much in my work, loosely meaning ‘circle’. It’s a geometric device used as an aid to meditation, & can be seen as a diagram of a miniature, complete universe. I’ve been developing my ideas, carving my own stamps & printing them onto hand dyed silk for my new lined scarves (£45), silk lavender filled eye pillows,(£16.50)& Gold Collection power word artworks, (£16.50).I also have a range of Mandala painted stones, (£6).

My eye pillows are sort of elongated lavender bag to go over closed eyes, whilst relaxing. They are a natural progression on from lavender bags, you can keep them in your drawer when not in use, for double benefit. I have supplied Triyoga (Camden, Soho and Chelsea, London),Breeze Yoga, Karma Studios, Rhythm of Beauty & Yogastuff, and Sophie Bashford’s Retreat as gifts. They are all hand dyed, in a new range of colours: angelic blue, love pink, peace purple, Spring green, ancient gold. (£16.50,2 for £32; 3 for £45).

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