Spring is just about here! Welcome to my website.

Two new exciting things!

-I have a space at the Contemporary Textiles fair in Teddington (due to a cancellation). 16 March 6-8.30pm, 17/18 March 10-5pm at the Landmark arts centre. I’d love to see you there. I can send you a digital 2 for 1 entry and/or private view invite, please email me.

-Also my Etsy shop is now open, where you can buy from me online: HilaryCollinsTextile  (without the ‘s’). I will be adding to my stock, please take a look and keep in touch.

I have also upped my online presence with more social media. My website is being updated through April, in addition you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram, as well as Etsy, for more current work.

*Facebook @hilarycollinstextiles

*Instagram hilarycollins.textiles

*Etsy HilaryCollinsTextile

Fundamentally, I am moving in the direction of precious, luxurious handcrafted sensory products for your holistic lifestyle.

I’m now using the ‘Mandala’ very much in my work, loosely meaning ‘circle’. It’s a geometric device used as an aid to meditation, & can be seen as a diagram of a miniature, complete universe. I’ve been working intuitively with this motif, carving my own stamps & printing them onto hand dyed silk for my new lined scarves (£45), silk lavender filled eye pillows,(£16.50) & Gold Collection intention artworks, (£16.50) The Gold I use can be in foiling, paint or thread form .I also have a range of Mandala painted stones, (£6).

My eye pillows are sort of elongated lavender bag to go over closed eyes, whilst relaxing, post yoga class, during meditation or sound bath.

I take wholesale orders from yoga studios, sound bath practitioners, therapists, retreat leaders etc., the likes of Triyoga (Camden, Soho and Chelsea, London),Breeze Yoga, Karma Studios, Rhythm of Beauty & Yogastuff, Soundsebastien and Sophie Bashford’s Retreat as gifts.  My range of colours are: angelic blue, love pink, peace purple, Spring green, ancient gold. (£16.50,2 for £32; 3 for £45).

I also have a range of cotton digitally printed eye pillows, inspired by sacred geometry and crystal colours. They have a flap opening, instead of Velcro, with an inner bag. Please see social media pages above, for images. (£10)