Since graduating in textile design, I`ve worked freelance in print design for fashion fabrics, for many years.

I`m now more designer/maker, in crafts, which is a better fit with balancing my creative needs with family, self care, social times and everything else I need to do & be.

I`m lucky enough to have a beautiful workspace at home, and I currently love to make products aligned with my yoga/meditation lifestyle, emphasizing the sensory aspects of colour, scent, feel & affirmation.

I`m fascinated by the circular motif of the Mandala, a complete symbol of a miniature `universe`, said to be an aid to meditation: I have carved my own `intuitive` Mandalas, which I hand print onto my silk eye pillows, framed Intention artworks & silk scarves. I dye silk as a base on  which to work my designs. I have found that people are drawn to colour which `fits` them, so can be very personal & impactful. I feel very drawn to Gold, I use Gold foiling, as well as paint & thread.

I sell my work at craft fairs where I really like interacting with customers, a balance to working from home. I also sell from my Etsy shop. I  supply yoga studios, retreats, & sound baths  with bespoke orders.

My passion for working with pattern and colour has more recently lead me to create a finished product: the scarf. It provides a wonderful blank canvas for my designs, literally, as the silk is stretched on a frame. I love the spontaneity of painting freehand directly onto the scarf, the designs often originating from geometric or plant forms.The colours are very important to me, and I think they`re the first thing that attracts the eye. They are often almost `Vintage`, even brighter colours having a soft edge to them. I dye and redye, in order to achieve the colour I want.

I work from my home in Kent, England, and I sell my work at Craft Fairs, and some Galleries.(A word on pricing: scarves range from £15- £55, accessories are £3.50-£12).

As all silk is hand dyed, some unevenness may occur. The scarves are all handwashable in cold water, and can be scrunched up for a crinkly effect, or cool ironed, if required.