Lined Scarves: These are lined with black jersey material, measuring approx 170cm x 28cm. They have a nice drape, and are comfortable to wear, yet they have a luxurious feel. Good for most seasons in the UK.
blue leaves silk scarf lined with black jersey (sold)

cinnamon  flowers silk scarf lined with black jersey

Jade silk `Jagged Stripe`on grey wool (sold)

Stone silk `Brushy Squares`on beige wool (sold)

Grey silk `30`s Flower`on black jersey

Lime silk `Starburst` (sold)

Unlined Scarves:These are lightweight silk scarves of two different types. Silk chiffon, measuring 35cm x 130cm (and stretchy); and silk pongee, measuring 40cm x 145cm. In their own little handpainted bag, they can make a unique gift, (bag optional).

charcoal boarder silk chiffon scarf (sold)

Pale Ochre silk `Flower Border`

0437 Chocolate chiffon `Spot`

Umber chiffon `Seedpods` (sold)

Black chiffon `Flower`

Brown silk `Sprig`

Midnight silk `Berry`

Raspberry silk `Apples`(sold)

Silk Squares: Measuring 55cm x 55cm,these silk squares have their own handpainted bag, if required.

raspberry sprig silk square

chocolate berry silk square

Blue `Sprig`

Lilac/grey `Flower`