2017 news

Hello to all, welcome to my website.

Welcome to 2017!

As my family changes and grows, and so do I, I find myself propelled forwards into what feels right to me now: I have joined a design collective, SOL, so that I can develop my work, with the support and guidance of others. It’s in the very early stages, and ideas may include a mixture of the hand painted, and the digitally printed, so that I can reach a wider audience. This would also include updating my website so that I can sell from it. I will add details here as and when things progress. Fundamentally, I am ‘upping my game’, going bigger, and committing to getting what I feel is my ‘life purpose’ out there, moving more into the area of yoga, meditation and spiritual development, with my textiles.

At the present time, I’m in the process of reevaluating teaching the textile workshops I’ve been holding, I will post info here about it, though please feel free to contact me if you’re interested.

I’m now using the Mandala very much in my work, loosely meaning ‘circle’. It’s a geometric device used as an aid to meditation, & can be seen as a diagram of a miniature, complete universe. The creating & colouring of Mandalas can be a therapeutic & even meditative process. I’m painting them onto silk tops,(£39), doorstop (£8),& paperweight (£4)stones, and also creating unique artworks. By painting them on top of my archive paper fabric designs, using gold paint, & including words or phrases which feel positive & powerful to me, I am creating a reflection of where I am in my life now. And my intention is that they resonate with others, too. They are being used in places like yoga studios (Triyoga), therapy treatment rooms (Neal’s Yard),or your meditation space.(£20, small framed artwork).

With my scarves, (£15-£60),the ideas I’m developing at the moment are with the use of stamps and ink pads, then continuing with hand painting on top, for a move forward. I’m experimenting with the frayed edge as well. I do enjoy the dyeing stage as well as the decoration, blending colours, for a very soft colour feel. I`ve realised that people are usually attracted to the colour, before the design, and that this stage is quite highly creative and influential. I`m very attracted to a softness and a gentleness, colour wise, and in relation to the feel of the scarves: that slightly retro, quirky feel, lived-in, not brand new. I want it to be a thing of comfort.

My lavender eye pillows are foundational to my body of work now. These are sort of elongated lavender bags, to go over closed eyes, whilst relaxing. They are a natural progression on from lavender bags. I have supplied Triyoga (Camden, Soho and Chelsea, London),Breeze Yoga, Karma Studios, Rhythm of Beauty & Yogastuff. They are all hand dyed, in an array of colours. They’re then hand painted, in silk, with a central Mandala motif,(£15), and in cotton, with tiny symbols patterning, (£10). They are made with a Velcro fastening, so that the lavender can be renewed, or it can be washed.( See “Accessories” section in “Products” for images)

Hilary Collins



Since graduating in Textiles in `85, I`ve worked freelance in Print Design for dress fabrics, selling abroad and in the UK, through agencies.

My passion for working with pattern and colour has more recently lead me to create a finished product: the scarf. It provides a wonderful blank canvas for my designs, literally, as the silk is stretched on a frame. I love the spontaneity of painting freehand directly onto the scarf, the designs often originating from geometric or plant forms.The colours are very important to me, and I think they`re the first thing that attracts the eye. They are often almost `Vintage`, even brighter colours having a soft edge to them. I dye and redye, in order to achieve the colour I want.

I work from my home in Kent, England, and I sell my work at Craft Fairs, and some Galleries.Prices range from £15 (square scarf), through £25 (long scarf), £39 (circular scarf and beaded long scarf) & £42 & £60 (lined scarves, two sizes).

As all silk is hand dyed, some unevenness may occur. The scarves are all handwashable in cold water, and can be scrunched up for a crinkly effect, or cool ironed, if required.